Addicted To Paper: Two artists discuss source material

Friday, October 21, 6:30 pm
Brynda Glazier and David King
Slide show and audio

Of all the millions (gazillions?) of images in the world, what compels an artist to pick out a few to inspire him or herself, and to then transform or reconfigure them? Does a collage have to be images physically glued together, or, like a sci-fi multidimensional chess board, can strands of meaning be assembled just from the arranged proximity of certain potent visual symbols? These questions and more will be the subject of this unusual discussion of Glazier and King's source material.

BRYNDA GLAZIER is a visual artist and writer originally from James Creek, Pennsylvania and Sheffield, UK. She currently lives and works in San Francisco where she recently received the Dennis Patrick Gallagher Award for Excellence in Sculpture. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

DAVID KING is an artist, photographer, and the designer of the ubiquitous counter-cultural icon known as the Crass symbol. He uses found images to create templates for new narratives provided by the viewer. His work has been published by the Museum of Modern Art, New York , Penguin Books, Psychology Today, and Details Magazine amongst others. In August he showed large cellphone photos at Gallery 60Six in San Francisco and produced the companion book, "Photos the Phone Made".

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